Planning to Renew UK Passport - Here is what you should know!

Passport renewal may sound a little tedious if you are doing it for the first time. However, the process could be really simple and fast moving when it comes to a UK passport. If the next question coming to your mind is how long does it take to renew a UK passport, then this article is for you! Here are some key details and guidelines that will make your life easier. You can make the process faster if you go well-prepared and this is where we may help you!


You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

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How long does it take to renew a UK passport?

To help you plan better, we would like to address this point first. The UK passport renewal timeline as per the government data is three weeks. This is the normal time period, but the same can get longer if further information is required. Some surveys also suggest that passport renewal time can be as short as eight days for adults. However, you may always keep a sufficient buffer in case something goes wrong. 

When to renew the passport?

Passport renewal can be done anytime before the expiry date, but very early renewals will result in lost validity days or months. In order to make the most of your validity period, it is advisable not to renew it very long before the due expiry date. To make things simple, you should always check the expiry before planning a vacation. The passport should be valid for at least six months after you return to the UK. It is always good to check the guidelines for the country you are planning to visit as this will also affect your renewal timeline.

How do I start the passport renewal process?

Now when you know how long does it take to renew a UK passport, we will now guide you through the process of renewal. You can plan the renewal in various ways as there are both online and in person options. Renewal is also possible by post for those who don’t want to do it online. In order to start the process, you should first go through the process details and then decide on which method you want to use.

  • Online Application - Online application is the easiest and cheapest way to get your passport renewed. You can expect the renewal faster if you ensure a properly completed application is submitted along with all the documents. You can get a passport with 34 pages renewed at the fixed fees. The fees for adult passport renewal is £88.50 and the same for child passport renewal is £57.50. If you are not sure of the document work then it is possible to get the application checked before submission. The service is offered by post offices and also by some external portals. 

  • Post Office Application - This service is for those who can wait longer for renewal. As all the documents are sent by post, it takes longer than the online application. There is a nominal difference in fees too. Fees for adult passport renewal is  £100, while that for child passport renewal is  £69. Just like the online application, one can get the documents and application form checked at post office before dispatch. This service is offered at  £16.

Apart from the above mentioned application processes, there is a special arrangement for those looking for urgent renewal of a passport. Urgent applications can be made directly at the passport office or online at higher fees. The application at the passport office can be made by appointment. One needs to carry all the documents directly to the office. The process takes about a week in this case. 

Online premium service is also offered as an emergency passport renewal service, where you can apply online and collect your passport directly by making prior appointment. The fees for this type of passport renewal is higher but it can be useful in case of emergencies.

Now when you know how long does it take to renew a UK passport, here are some key things to know about the application.

You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here

How to make an online passport renewal application?

If you have planned to make a passport renewal application online, here is a quick guide to make your online application easier and error-free. You can make your online applications on the GOV.UK website.

Photo for application

The best part of applying online is that you don’t need to get you photographs clicked at the photo booth. Digital photos can be uploaded directly on the website. The rules for digital photos are mentioned there. However, if you don’t want to go wrong in this area then avail the services from professionals like Passport Photo Digital or similar. Services of professional photo booth can also be availed, but you will have to do the entire process again if the picture is not as per the HM passport office guidelines. It is therefore better to look for professional services to have error-free application process.

Documents for application

When you are getting your UK passport renewed from the online portal, there are very few documents you need to submit. Apart from filling the application form online, you will be required to submit your digital photo, passport fees, and old passport. While all other things are submitted online, you will have to send the old passport to HM passport office. Make sure you complete this process in time, so that your passport renewal is not delayed.

Getting Your Application Checked

Online applications can be further supported by post office’s Digital Check and Send service. This service can be availed at some extra cost as mentioned earlier. With this service, you can get your online application checked before submitting. In this service, your online application is found with the help of your old passport. The application is checked thoroughly along with the digital photo. If everything is in line with the government guidelines, then the passport is sent to HM office through special delivery service. You will find the details about the post offices offering this service.

How to make your passport renewal application at post office?

Online application for passport renewal is cheapest and fastest. If the question how long does it take to renew a UK passport is not very crucial to you then you can also look for other options. Passport renewal application can be made at post office too. In case of passport renewal by post office, you will have to fill up the paper application form. This application form is available at the post office.

You can get the paper form and fill in the details. Apart from the application form, you will require 2 identical passport photos, passport fees and your old passport. Passport photos can be clicked by professionals Passport Photo Digital service. Payment can be made by cheque or card. Just like online application, you can also use Digital Check and Send service from post office. This service is available at nominal cost, where post office staff will check the entire application before submission. They check whether the application form is complete or missing on some points. Supporting documents are also checked if appropriate. Once everything is found as per the guidelines, the application is sent to HM passport office through special delivery service.

Passport renewal without old passport

This is the case of loss or stolen passport. If you are not having your old passport with you due to loss or theft then the process starts in a different way. You need to cancel your passport immediately in order to avoid misuse of identity. Cancellation of passport can be done on the same GOV.UK website. The passport is cancelled after the record has been made with National Crime Agency. Once your passport is recorded lost or stolen, HM passport office will cancel your passport. You need to wait till you hear from the passport office before making a fresh application.

The application in this case will be made the same way as we mentioned earlier, but you will need a supporting person to confirm your identity. In case of the paper application, the person confirming your identity will have to countersign your photos and application form as suggested at the post office.

As your old passport is missing, you will have to attend an online video interview as per the appointment booked online. This interview is to verify your identity in case of the missing documents.

Make sure you make the passport cancellation request wisely, as passports once cancelled will not be valid anymore even when you get back the same before your new passport has arrived.

What happens to Visa in your old passport?

If your old passport has visa with longer validity then you will need that too during your travels. Once you apply for the renewal of your passport, they will return your old passport along with the new passport. The visa in old passport is still valid for your travel. You need to carry both passports whenever you travel especially if your visa is in the old passport.

Passport renewal process is very easy. It can be done in just few easy clicks online with minimum document requirements. All you need is to do is decide on online or paper application and follow this step by step guide to get your new passport in not time. 



You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here