Quick UK Passport Guide for Quick and Easy Passport Application

Are you applying for UK passport for the first time? Is your passport already due for renewal? Are you applying for your baby’s passport? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then this article is for you. Here is the quick guide to the apply for fresh passport or renew your existing passport.


You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

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Why do you need UK passport?

Passport is key travel document that also works as an identity card to avail the benefits given to British citizens. Anybody living in UK or having British citizenship is eligible to apply for UK passport. While everyone knows the use of passport in international travel, some would also have the question like “Do I need passport to fly within UK” and many other queries regarding the application process, renewal, and so on. To make this easy, we have compiled here a complete guide on how to apply for the UK passport and also addressed common queries raised by the readers.

How to apply for UK passport?

UK passport application is very easy to make. You can do it in just few easy steps. There are various ways in which you can apply for the passport and all these are quick and easy methods. Here are the key methods used to apply for the passport in UK.

Online Application – While all the passport application methods are good, online application is the easiest and quickest. You can do it from the comfort of your home or office without waiting very long for the passport. This method is equally good for new passports and renewals. Here are the few easy steps in which you can apply online for your UK passport.

- Application form is available online and can be filled in just few easy steps.
-  Next step is to upload digital passport photos that can be clicked with your smartphone as well. However, it is always recommended that you get the pictures clicked at Passport Photo Digital as they will ensure that the picture is as per the required format.
-  Passport application fees are also accepted online via credit or debit card.
-  The final step is to send documents to HM passport office if you are applying for fresh passport. In case of passport renewal, you will have to send your old passport.
-  There is possibility of availing an extra service from post office to get the application and documents checked before submitting. This service is available at nominal price. Availing this service will ensure that your passport application is as per the standard requirements.

Once you have applied online, the chances of delay are less. However, if the fees payment is not complete or any information furnished on the application doesn’t match with the one in document, then you would get a query. The passport application processing time will be longer in this case.

You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here

Post Office Application – This is another way of applying for the UK passport. This is also quick and easy way of applying, but not as good as the online application. You can use this application method for both new passport application and passport renewals. Here are the few easy steps in which you can apply for the UK passport via post.

-  Paper application form is available at certain post offices and you will find the list easily online. The application form is filled manually.
-  Passport photographs need to be attached with the application form. The photos must be identical and as per the standard dimensions mentioned on passport website. You can make this task easier by availing the services of professionals from Passport photo Digital.
-  Passport application fees in case of post application can be paid by credit or debit card and even with cheque.
-  The documents need to be submitted at the post office, from where they are sent to HM passport office. Only old passport is required to be sent in case of passport renewal.
-  Document and application check is possible before submission at nominal extra charges. This service is offered by post office staff and will ensure that the application is error free.

Once the application is submitted, you will have to wait as per the standard processing time. The chances for application delay are only due to wrong information furnished in the application.

Emergency Passport Application – This method of application is used by the applicants looking for emergency passport. Fast track application service is available for both fresh passport and passport renewal. Online premium services will let you apply online and book an appointment for passport collection. Similarly, you can book an appointment and visit HM passport office to submit paper application along with the documents. Emergency passport service is offered at extra fees, but it is quite useful if you are looking for shorter processing time.

In all of the above processes, you will have to arrange for a person to verify your application if you are not opting for passport renewal. This person would be verifying if the application is true and photograph provided with application is the same person as stated in the application form. This person should not be the family member of the applicant. He should be a professional, who is having British citizenship. This person should not be living in the same house as the applicant.

With the help of above information, you can now start with your application process for your UK passport. If you still have some query then here we have replied some standard queries raised by the readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents are required to apply for the passport in UK?
There is long list of documents based on your application type. In case of passport renewal, only old passport it required. For fresh passport applications, you will need supporting documents to prove your British nationality, The documents may vary for adult passport and child passport. However, standard documents include birth certificate, British Nationality registration, birth certificate of parents in case of children, and old passport even if issued outside UK.

Do I need passport to fly withing UK?
No, you may not require passport to travel withing UK. It also stands true if you are traveling to Northern Ireland. Technically passport is required for international travels only. However, certain domestic airlines will ask for valid ID proof at the time of booking and travel. You can carry other identity card as well, but carrying a passport will be the easiest. Passport is a confirmed valid identity proof accepted all over the world. You can never go wrong with the passport. The problem may arise when you carry a wrong ID proof for travel and you will end up losing your ticket in that case. Hence, it is always good to carry valid passport for your travel.

Is it ok to travel with expired passport?
It depends whether you are travelling within UK or outside UK. As you do not need passport to travel within UK, there won’t be any problem if you are carrying an expired passport. While expired passport will not work as a valid document if you are travelling outside UK. You can carry your expired passport with you on travel as it contains all crucial information about you along with your photograph.

Is it possible to travel outside UK after 2 weeks of passport application?
Your passport application will process mostly in three weeks to ten weeks. If you are planning to travel after two weeks of passport application then there are bright chances that you will not receive your passport. However, if you cannot delay your travel plans, then it is good to apply via fast track services. Online premium application service is also available at an extra price if your travel plans cannot be changed.

Can a single parent apply for child’s passport in UK?
If a child is eligible to get the passport in UK, then either of the parent having parental responsibility can apply for the child’s passport. One parent can also sign the application if another parent is not available for the same.

What is my passport is lost?
Passport renewal service is available for the passports about to expire. If you have lost your passport then you should immediately inform HM passport office about the same. This will make sure that your passport is not illegally used by any other person. The passport is then cancelled after following proper cancellation process. Once the passport gets cancelled, you can now start the process for new passport. It is always good to be completely sure about the loss of passport, as the passport once cancelled will not be valid even if found.

How will I receive my documents after completion of the application process?
All the documents are submitted in original at the time of application. Once the application process is over, the documents are returned to the applicant. The delivery address for the documents needs to be entered at the time of application. There are two delivery options available. You can get standard delivery by post or secured delivery at some extra fees. You can opt for secured delivery if you are not comfortable with standard delivery of your important documents.



You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here

If your query is not yet replied then it is time to look for a professional help to get your UK passport processed as per your travel requirements. These professional services are worth availing if you are short of time and can’t put in enough efforts to apply for the passport.