Step by Step Guide - How to Apply for UK Passport?

Applying to UK passport would be your final step to travel in and out of UK without any immigration restrictions. Passport can be used as an identity to permanently stay in the UK for work, study or living. If you are here to know how to apply for UK passport, then the first step is to be British citizen. The eligibility criteria for passport application may also differ for adult and child. You will find here the complete guide to apply for UK passport, starting from the eligibility criteria to application process.


You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

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Eligibility for UK passport – Eligibility to the UK passport can be divided into two sub-sections – Standard and non-standard. Standard eligibility of standard claim to British passport can be made by those who were born in UK before 1983 if they had a parent who was British citizen before their birth. Those having their parent born in UK before 1983 and married before their birth are also eligible for the standard claim to passport. All others are eligible for the non-standard claims.

There are many other criteria to become British citizen and be eligible for the UK passport. All these criteria can be found on government passport website GOV.Uk. To make things easier, here are the five forms of British citizenship recognised by the United Kingdom.

1.  British Citizen – British citizen is eligible to full British nationality. It is the traditional British nationality concept and can be enough to make a person eligible for the UK passport.

2.  British Protected Person (BPP) – Person born in British Protectorate or British Protected State falls under this status. This status can be changed to the full British nationality in some of the cases and can also works as eligibility to apply for UK passport.

3.  British Overseas Citizen (BOC) – Person born in non-UK territory, where having foreign nationality was not possible, may fall under this category. They can get full British nationality and also apply for passport.

4.  British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) – Person born and residing in overseas British territories can apply for citizenship under this category.

5.  British National Overseas (BNO) – This category of British nationality is specially meant for people having their links in Hongkong.

Those born in UK after 1 July, 2006 will directly get British citizen status if one of the parents is settled in the UK or have British citizenship.

Once you have known your eligibility status for the UK passport, it is time start the application process. We will now talk about how to apply for UK passport!

How to apply for UK passport?

All eligible candidates can start the application process for UK passport. The application process is available online and offline. You can decide how you would like to make an application. Here are the different ways in which you can apply for the passport.

Online Application – Online application is cheaper than other forms of application. It is also quite easy as you can fill the application form online in just few easy steps. Documents are also submitted online along with digital photo. It is always good to get your photo clicked from professional Passport Photo Digital service, as you cannot afford to go wrong. Fees are paid with the help of credit or debit card. This type of application doesn’t take much time, but you have to be careful while entering the details as your passport process will take very long if you furnish some false details. To avoid this, you may keep all the documents ready before starting the application process.

Post Office Paper Application – This is another method that can be used by the applicants. Here you will be required to fill paper application form. You need to carry your passport photograph, required documents and passport fees to the post office. Make sure that youe photo is clicked by Passport Photo Digital expert and not from the photo booth, as wrong format will lead to longer application processing time. Application form can then be submitted along with other documents. Fees can be paid by cheque or card at the post office.

Digital Check and Send Service – Whether you are applying online or at post office, this service is useful if you are not sure about the correctness of your application form. This service is available at the post office on paying some nominal fees. Post office staff will check your application, supporting documents, photos and other details before forwarding the same to HM passport office. This will reduce the chances of your application going wrong. In case of online application, post office staff will find your application online from your other details.

Urgent Appointment – Premium service for urgent 1 day or 1 week appointment is also available for those looking for faster process.

Passport Application Outside UK – If you are not in UK then you can apply online from any eligible region outside UK. This type of application can be made from any country that permits such online application.

The application process is then followed by video or in person interview at HM passport office. You can take an appointment for the interview online if you are supposed to appear for one.

You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here

Documents Required for UK Passport

UK passport application will require certain supporting documents. These documents must be in English at the time of submission. If the documents are in some other language, then you will have to get them translated. All documents need to submitted in original and not in photocopy. Original documents are then returned on completion of the process. You will be asked to give your permanent address in UK, where they can send the passport and documents. The list of valid documents can be found on the government website, however here are some key documents that must be kept ready before starting the application. Some of the key documents are –

-          Birth certificate or certificate of adoption if you were born before 1983 in UK.

-          Immigration and other details of parents if you were born after 1983 in UK.

-          For those born outside UK, registration or certificate of naturalization would be required.

-          Other supporting documents as required.

Identity Confirmation

Apart from the above documents, you will also need someone to confirm your identity in certain cases. This person should not be family member or living with you. The person should be professional having UK citizenship and living currently in UK. The person should be able to confirm the accuracy of your application and must know you for at least two years before the process.

How long does it take to get the passport?

Now when you know how to apply for UK passport, it is time to know the timeline. For those applying for adult UK passport for the first time, it is mandatory to be sixteen years or older. The passport may take longer than expected, hence make any travel plans till you have your passport in hand. You may check for fast-track services in case of emergency.

The standard waiting times to get new adult passport are –

-          5 weeks for new adult passport

-          4 weeks for renewal of passport

-          4 weeks for replacement of damaged passport

-          4 weeks for replacement of stolen or lost passport

-          4 weeks for change in personal details 

New passport for child is offered to newborn and children below sixteen years of age. The standard waiting times for this type of passport are mentioned here, however this time may vary and hence no travel plans must be made till you receive the passport.

The standard waiting times to get new child passport are –

-          4 weeks for first time passport

-          4 weeks for renewal of passport

-          4 weeks for replacement of damaged passport

-          4 weeks for replacement of stolen or lost passport

-          4 weeks for change in personal details 

Reasons for rejection of UK passport application

UK passport application process is easy and can be done in just few easy steps. However, there are chances of application rejection is some cases. Here are some reasons why you application may get rejected. 

-          HM passport office could not verify the details furnished in the application form.

-          If application form is submitted incomplete or filled inaccurately.

-          When passport fees are paid by card and the payment doesn’t go through.

-          If the citizenship status of the person is being investigated.

-          Criminal activities or illegal intentions are being investigated for the applicant.

-          If the photo is not clicked as per the format. You can avoid this by getting your picture clicked by professional Passport Photo Digital photographer. 

There can be many other reasons for application rejection and you will know these reasons only post rejection.

In order to avoid application rejection or denial to passport, it is good to be sure of the following key points before submitting an application.

-          You are eligible to apply for UK passport.

-          There is no query on citizenship status that can be raised after your application submission.

-          You are providing valid proof of identity that fits in passport requirement.

Once you have submitted your application after thorough check, the chance of rejection goes down considerably. Make sure you apply your passport with the buffer time of 10 weeks before making any travel plans as you would not want to lose on your travel booking costs just because of delay in passport receipt. Plan in advance for smoother and error-free passport application process.



You need a digital photo code to apply for a UK passport online

For online and printout passport photo for any country, please click here